One Price. No Fine Print. No Surprises.

We’ve taken an unusual approach to pricing at Ourisman Jeep Bethesda. We provide a fair, transparent price upfront. No fine print. No surprises. What is on our web site is what you’ll actually pay for the vehicle. This is different than just about every dealership in the nation, which is why we wanted to explain how it works here and elsewhere. We hope you'll choose to buy from us. But even if not, we want to make you a better-informed shopper.


How we do it

Our website provides the out-the-door price you’ll actually pay whether you buy a new Jeep online or in the store. This is a fair, competitive price based on market research. To get this Real Price you can just click through the price summary on every single vehicle to a worksheet that contains a complete breakdown of every line item including taxes, freight, and all fees. No fine print. No surprises. No haggling.  Actually, there may be a nice surprise: if you do qualify for a discount like recent college grad, Jeep owner, or active military, that’s additional savings for you. 

How Pricing Works:


How most dealerships do it

Most dealerships websites only present you with a “VIP price” or “e-Price” that is significantly under the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This low price is designed to get you in the dealership. It’s rarely what you’ll end up paying for the vehicle. Dig around on the site and you’ll find fine print that says that it does NOT include items such as taxes, destination, tag fees, wheel locks, and other processing fees. On top of that, the price often “stacks” or includes every possible rebate for special groups like recent college grads, active military, first responders, etc.  You may qualify for some of those, but rarely all of them. Lastly, the web price may require that you finance through the manufacturer. All of this is often not discovered until they’ve gotten you into the dealership and taken up half of your Saturday. At that point, you enter into back-and-forth negotiations with a salesperson, a sales manager, and, finally, a business manager to get to your actual out-the-door price. Some customers end up with a good price. Others pay above-market.


How do I know I’m getting a fair deal?

We spend a lot of time compiling advertised and sold prices for vehicles in our market. We pull that all that together and find averages and then generally put our price slightly below average. The reality is that all dealerships buy their new cars from the manufacturers for the same price. Regardless of where the price starts on the website, the range of price of comparable cars in a market ends up being pretty small. If you’d ever like to talk car price data come on in. Our data guru, Brian Butler who used to handle data analysis at Johns Hopkins would be happy to talk.