It’s hard to keep up with all the news around the coronavirus. But there are some things that we do know based on recommendations from the CDC.  We can help with several of them -- disinfecting and social distancing. There are, of course, no guarantees with this fast-moving virus, but we want to make sure we’re are doing what we can to reduce the odds of infection.


  1. Test-Drive and Order a Car From the Safety of Home: You can go through the whole process of test-driving to purchase without setting foot in a public showroom.  We’ve always offered this, but not it’s not just convenient, it’s safer.  
  2. Service Valet: We will pick-up and deliver your vehicle for all service appointments.  Usually free for anyone that buys a Jeep from us, we’re temporarily making it free for anyone within 10 miles of the store. 
  3. Sanitizing Your Vehicle: We are  offering the whole DMV community our “Germ Fighting Treatment” for your vehicle for free. It’s basically a hand-sanitizer for your car. Schedule now while supplies last here or call (301) 347-0707. We’ll do it for free for any of your family’s vehicles. You can see more details here.

With all this said, we are practicing safe hygiene practices at our Jeep store in Bethesda and, as of this post, are still open. So you’re welcome to come by if you’d like.

Most importantly, please do everything you can to protect yourself. Here are the personal guidelines at the CDC Website. .